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HOW BOI SPECIALIST / BOI CONSULTANT IS NECESSARY FOR INVESTORS ? Due to complicated working procedures and several methods of consideration by BOI in order to control privileges of a promoted business ( including factory or manufacturing). Then, BOI Specialist/ BOI Consultant is necessary for this involvement as they can provide investors the right advice, suggestion or work for customers than others can . Because of long experiences in the field of specialist / consultant. They worked and resolved variety of problems in the past till present. BOI SPECIALIST / BOI CONSULTANT is the middle or window between BOI & INVESTORS. Then, Specialist/Consultant will know well about the requirements of both sides. Specialist / Consultant can match requirements from investors up to best level of utilization the BOI privileges. WHEN BOI SPECIALIST / BOI CONSULTANT SHOULD SERVE INVESTORS ? It will be best benefits to Investor since start thinking the investment in Thailand. Investors may want to know all information before making decision about business establishment. BOI Specialist / Consultant can help to answer them, or to find out right answers to investor’s questions. BOI specialist / consultant can be as investor’s representative for BOI application’s submission till getting approval. To provide advice / suggestion / explanation for starting project to investors. Then, investors will be confidence in great benefits reflecting to them finally. To serve Investors by set up working procedures in line with to BOI’s conditions /compulsory practices in order to gain best BOI privileges is one job BOI specialist/consultant can support them too. And, to advice / suggest Investor of how to comply with related laws and regulations beside of BOI such as Commerce’s , Customs’, Revenue’s, Industry’s, Alien’s visa & work permit for examples. Furthermore, the BOI specialist / consultant service is necessary even when investors proceeded project till a certain period, and they found that their project need BOI specialist/ consultant due to some reasons. WHAT EXPECTATION INVESTORS WILL GET FROM BOI SPECIALIST / BOI CONSULTANT ? BOI SPECIALIST / BOI CONSULTANT can : Ease knowledge /practices explanation to Investors as a compact picture that easy for understanding. Provide right directions of work proceeding, choices of best costs and best times consuming Solving important matters, and to set up work systems in order that investors’ project is under compliance of laws and regulations while getting best privileges from Thailand . IS BOI SPECIALIST TEAM SERVICE SUITABLE FOR INVESTOR’S PROJECT ? If investor has none of knowledge of BOI ; BOI specialist / consultant will help investor for right results as expected, either at first time in Thailand by investors ,or at starting of project, or for normal working procedures or solving problems if any . Proceeding a project , an investor’s personnel can work about BOI works partly. But no-one who is able cope all matters about BOI privileges truely. Then, BOI Specialist / Consultant can be a good choice for supporting or strengthening investor’s business. When problems arise to Investor’s project, BOI SPECIALIST/ BOI CONSULTANT can immediately advice right choices/practices in order to overcome that problems or release /ease the problems WHY US – THAI INDUSTRIAL SERVE (Working Bees Team)

• We know all circles of BOI works and procedures for variety of businesses and we had both long and variety of working experiences and solving problem experiences from past till present. Those experiences made us having confidence of serving any Investors for better outcome.

• We are able to offer choices /alternatives/solutions to investors in order that their project will reach their objective’s accomplishment

• We are able to prevent unseen problems of both present and future for investor’s project

• Our policy to investors is honesty, work efficiency ,and at best costs to investors